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  • How to improve home window security

    Did you know that British homes are most at risk to burglary in the summer months?

    New research from MoneySuperMarket shows that homeowners like you are most exposed to burglary during the summer months, as we try to stay cool by leaving windows and doors open. Worryingly, leaving a window open for just 5 minutes can compromise the safety of your home. Even more concerning, if you leave a window open to stay cool and thieves take advantage it could mean that your insurance company won’t pay out; considered as ‘contributory negligence.’

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    Why big businesses trust our security window restrictors above others


    Going on holiday and stayintrustg in a hotel or holiday resort should be a relaxing and satisfying experience, from beginning to end. Safety and peace of mind play a big part in this enjoyment, so hoteliers across the world have a real duty of care to their customers to provide safe, well-maintained facilities of a reasonable standard; both legally and ethically.

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    Increasing number of people are comforted by the Jackloc safety window restrictor, to keep out the opportunist thief

    Home security is a universal issue that affects us all. Latest statistics reveal a shocking 32% rise in domestic burglaries across England and Wales! Considering burglaries are estimated to happen every 40 seconds in the UK, it seems that door locks are a homeowners first port of call to strengthen their property against potential intruders. But what about your windows? 30% of thieves gain access through an insecure window; proving that window locks are just as important. So how can you tell which window safety restrictors are up to the job?

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    3 unexpected buildings that use our window restrictors

    Well into our second decade of window restrictor innovation, our original vision has remained consistent alongside our untouched core values; to help reduce the number of injuries and fatalities caused by falls from windows throughout the world. Our experienced team remain invigorated and inspired by the increasing amount of people who have adopted our vision and values too. Easy to fit on all types of windows, our proactive restrictor reduces the risk of falls from open windows by only allowing them to be opened to a safe degree. Ideal for residential, leisure, education and healthcare sectors, we thought we'd look at three unexpected buildings that utilise the Jackloc window restrictor within their architectural design:

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    3 modern technologies that make a home safer for families

    This week marks Child Safety Week 2018, which aims to raise essential awareness of accidents that children are particularly at risk from and how to proactively prevent them. This years' theme is 'Safe Children: together we've got this!' Are you aware that 44% of all children’s accidents in the home are caused by falls? Followed by fire related accidents and then choking. So, we thought we'd make the most of this theme by compiling 3 modern technologies that will make your family home safer this summer.

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    Window restrictors for VELUX windows

    All types of windows are a potential danger. It only takes seconds for an accident to happen. Whether in a private residential home with small children or a hotel or hospital, window safety is a serious concern that should be immediately addressed.

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    Not all Jacklocs are made equal…

    Window safety is of universal importance. All windows above ground floor level are a potential accident risk. The Jackloc has been designed to prevent accidents and reduce the risk of window falls. Jacklocs are universal in their application. They can be installed onto any type of window, regardless of style and material. All Jacklocs however, are not made equal. They are available in a range of different configurations to suit your requirements.

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    Jackloc brings Queen’s Award-winning window restrictors to Fensterbau 2018

    Queen’s Award-winning restrictor specialists Jackloc® are celebrating their 15th year in business by making their big debut at this year’s Fensterbau Frontale.

    The Leicestershire-firm will be heading to Germany to showcase their original range of universal window and door restrictors, which safeguard thousands of lives every day worldwide. Jackloc will be joining other leading British brands exhibiting in the UK Pavilion – a dedicated space to promote the best of the UK fenestration industry.

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