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  • An Education in Window Locks

    Commercial premises are always required to keep up to certain health and safety standards. Rightfully so, the list is rigorous and is designed to protect the regular users and visitors of the building from being involved in an accident, and this in turn protects the owner of the premises. Safety standards are something that should be at the forefront of the mind of anybody who is looking after other people in a building they are responsible for.

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    Health and Safety Alert Highlights Dangers of Unsecured Windows

    Care home and hospital managers had 6 months to comply with a health and safety alert sparked by a person dying after falling from a window. Action needs to be taken to ensure window restrictors are regularly checked and maintained. The Department of Health and the Health and Safety Executive issued the warning to care and health service providers in January 2012, allowing six months for compliance.

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    Jackloc Helps Save Children's Lives in Arabia

    Jackloc will soon be exporting its unique lock – a cable which restricts the opening of doors and windows – to Abu Dhabi. Exhibiting at the World EcoConstruct exhibition are (left to right) Ali Sekhr and Mohammed Sekhr, from ICA, Emma Wells and Judith Burrows, from Jackloc and Riath Hamed, from ICA.

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    Jackloc Finds Key to International Success

    Jackloc is breaking into the Russian market as we continue our success abroad. Jackloc has won an export deal with Russia and has already taken an order for 3,500 of its specialist safety products. Jackloc are currently showcasing its work at the SIB Build International Construction Exhibition in Siberia. It is one of the largest such events in the country, attracting over 17,000 visitors and 800 exhibitors from 19 countries each year.

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    Jackloc Helps Protect Leicestershire's Elderly

    Jackloc, the unique safety product, has been selected for installation in care homes across the county to provide added protection for elderly and vulnerable residents. Jackloc restricts the opening of windows and doors, using a flexible cable attachment. Its ability to prevent incidents such as falls from windows, and intruder entries, was the reason Jackloc was selected for installation on every risk window in Leicestershire County Council’s care homes.

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    Travelodge Tackle Window Safety

    The Travelodge hotel group has installed Jackloc window restrictors in all its 20,000 UK hotel rooms. Speaking at the end of an intensive, six-month installation programme that saw Jacklocs fitted to every window – bedrooms, corridors and other areas accessible to guests – across Travelodge’s 300-plus estate, Facilities Manager, Mike Lea, said that Jackloc had been installed “to remove any shred of doubt about guest safety.”

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