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  • Five of the Best Ways to Childproof Your Home

    As babies turn to toddlers, they will soon start exploring every possible area of your home so it is important to start child proofing your home before they get to that stage. Here are the main safety measures that you should consider to ensure that your home is a safe environment for a curious toddler:

    Safety Latches on Cabinets and Drawers

    There will be many cupboard and drawers in your house containing potentially dangerous objects, such as knives, medicines, cleaning products and glass. Toddlers are known for their speed when your eye is momentarily off the ball so safety latches on your cupboards and drawers will help to keep your mind at rest, and your toddler safe.

    Power Outlet Safety Caps

    The thought of little fingers poking into uncovered plug sockets is enough to make you shudder. Power outlet safety caps are incredibly cheap to buy; you simply plug them into unused sockets, ensuring that nothing can be pushed into them.

    Stair Gates

    Once your toddler finds his feet, it will be a while until they can safely manage stairs without help. Unfortunately, toddlers are completely unaware of this and have no sense of danger so stair gates are, therefore, a vital piece of safety equipment. They can also be used as handy downstairs barriers, i.e. at the kitchen door to prevent a toddler from accessing a kitchen without an adult or to keep a large dog in one room.

    Toilet Locks

    Most toddlers find toilets fascinating household items and will often gravitate towards them if left unsupervised for more than a minute. A toilet lock is a simple and easily fitted device that will prevent your toddler from dropping a phone or piece of jewellery down the toilet. It will also stop your toddler from fiddling with the toilet water and from falling into it.

    Window Restrictors

    Window restrictors are clever devices that allow the window to be partially opened, to allow the flow of fresh air, whilst ensuring that there isn’t a risk of a toddler falling out. Window restrictors are an essential piece of safety equipment that save hundreds of accidents every year, are easy to install and can be fitted to all different sorts of window frames- aluminium, wood, UPVC and steel.

    If you are thinking about purchasing a window restrictor, contact Jackloc, an award winning company that leads the market in this area. We offer a choice of window restrictors in a variety of different colours, finishes and cable lengths, and are a family-run company that is dedicated to providing innovative safety solutions to families and businesses.

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