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    It’s not just children that Jackloc window restrictors protect from window falls, they expertly safeguard a wide range of people and ages right around the globe. Falls from windows can occur due to a number of reasons in a diverse range of settings, with a great level of attention focused on the health and social care sector.

    Window restrictors in health and social care

    The Health and Safety Executive puts the nature of window falls in health and social care settings into 3 broad categories:

    - Accidental falls
    - Falls arising out of a confused mental state
    - Deliberate self-harm

    Health and social care providers have a duty of care to assess the risks of premises and take the adequate precautions necessary to fully protect the service users, staff and visitors in their care. The use of effective window restrictors plays a crucial role in safeguarding this broad range of individuals, so how can hospitals, care homes, nursing homes, etc proactively improve their window security?

    Long lasting window restrictors

    Durable and robust window restrictors, Jackloc, are designed and manufactured to a stringent ISO 9001-approved quality assurance, ISO 14001 Environmental Management and OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management regimes, alongside rigorous testing to BS EN standards.

    Easy to install window restrictors

    Care providers should also ensure that window restrictors and the window frame they’re fitted to are sufficiently robust. Suitable for every type of window (wooden, uPVC, steel and aluminium), watch how easy it is to install the Universal Jackloc Window Restrictor:

    jackloc youtubevid

    User-friendly window restrictors

    Care providers must consider any impact on the comfort of service users from reduced natural ventilation, therefore effective window restrictors must allow for adequate ventilation through proactive user-friendly qualities. Jackloc’s wide range of window restrictor products offer the highest possible level of performance, reliability and safety around.

    One restrictor for every style of window or door

    It’s not hard to see why the Jackloc reputation has spread far and wide across Britain’s healthcare sector over the past 15 years. For further information on how Jackloc window restrictors can secure your establishment and truly protect your service users, staff and visitors get in touch today.


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