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  • 10 reasons why the Queen’s Award is a prestigious accolade

    At Jackloc, we always strive for excellence in everything we do. We were hugely proud, therefore, when all our hard work and dedication was recognised when we were awarded the Queen’s Award for Enterprise in Innovation. Since winning the award, we have enjoyed many benefits from this prestigious recognition. To have the Jackloc, a product designed to save lives, receive such respected acknowledgement is credit to all of the Jackloc team.

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    The best window restrictors for health and social care settings

    It’s not just children that Jackloc window restrictors protect from window falls, they expertly safeguard a wide range of people and ages right around the globe. Falls from windows can occur due to a number of reasons in a diverse range of settings, with a great level of attention focused on the health and social care sector.

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    How to improve home window security

    Did you know that British homes are most at risk to burglary in the summer months?

    New research from MoneySuperMarket shows that homeowners like you are most exposed to burglary during the summer months, as we try to stay cool by leaving windows and doors open. Worryingly, leaving a window open for just 5 minutes can compromise the safety of your home. Even more concerning, if you leave a window open to stay cool and thieves take advantage it could mean that your insurance company won’t pay out; considered as ‘contributory negligence.’

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