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  • How To Prevent Window Falls

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    Falls from windows are a major cause of fatal accidents all over the world, especially in urban areas. The majority of these tragedies can unfortunately be avoided by simply taking a few precautionary measures; window restrictors are the ideal solution for avoiding such problems.

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    Dangers in the Home at Christmas

    Dangers in the Home at Christmas

    The Christmas holiday is a special time of year, the most widely celebrated event on the Christian calendar, bringing friends and family together to enjoy the Christmas spirit amidst festive food, decorations, gifts and parties.

    However, injuries increase during this period, it is therefore important to take special precautions during the festive season, to avoid any unnecessary accidents.

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    How Secure are Window Restrictors?

    how secure are window restrictors

    How Important Is It To Have Window Restrictors?

    Windows that are left open, especially those above the ground floor can be fatal. Even more so for young, unsupervised children as well as vulnerable adults. Window restrictors are widely used in hospitals, care homes, nurseries and educational establishments to provide much needed ventilation with security.

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    Alzheimer’s Awareness Month

    All over the globe the month of September is observed as world Alzheimer’s month with September the 21st marking Alzheimer’s day.

    Why Is There A Need For An Alzheimer’s Awareness Month?

    Dementia affects millions of individuals right across the globe – current statistics estimate that over 46 million people worldwide suffer from some form of dementia. In spite of the number of people affected, there is still a surprising lack of awareness regarding the condition and a great need to raise understandingthis is in some part, due to the stigma associated with it.

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    Where Are Window Restrictors Required?

    where window restrictors are required

    Locations That Require Window Restrictors

    All public organisations have a legal obligation to provide a safe environment. During any new project build, windows are always of key consideration during the architectural planning. They are expected to meet numerous objectives including lighting, security, aesthetics, emergency exits and more. Some establishments require additional consideration regarding the intended purpose of the building and its occupants, in these cases window restrictors are often incorporated into the plans. The following locations require window restrictors:

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    How to Fit Cable Window Restrictors

    how to fit cable window restrictors

    Jackloc design and manufacture award winning cable window restrictors, products specifically developed to reduce the risk of falls from windows.

    Our products can be fitted to all conventional windows as well as the majority of other styles of windows and doors, including uPVC, wood, aluminium, steel and other composite materials.

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    The Importance Of Window and Balcony Safety

    Importance of window safety

    Window and balcony safety is paramount to all homes and service buildings, including hotels and the workplace. The risks of unintentional falls should not be underestimated, findings from the World Health Organisation (WHO) state that, "Each year an estimated 424,000 individuals die from falls globally", and it must be understood a fall is defined as a person coming to rest at a lower level that could be falling from ladders, window cill or balcony. Age and other factors influence the likelihood of falls from windows and balconies. Serious falls can either be fatal or lead to serious head injuries resulting in brain damage and mental impairment causing life-long disabilities.

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    National Window Safety Week 2016

    Window safety week

    3rd April – 9th April 2016 was National Window Safety Week in the United States, however, its important safety messages are beneficial worldwide. Poor window safety results in deaths around the world.

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